Ask the Pet Care Expert – Glenn Kaminsky


What is Freeze Dried food?

Freeze dried pet food is raw pet food that is freeze dried as soon as it is made. Freeze dried simply means the moisture is taken out of the food (this is different than dehydration). Every food is different, but often before serving it is suggested that you add water to the food before your pet chows down.

Why feed Freeze Dried food?

Freeze dried diets have all the benefits of a raw food diet, but without the mess and almost zero prep time. Freeze dried diets are convenient; they are nutritionally complete and can be stored anywhere in your kitchen. One of the concerns with a raw food diet is the bacteria if not handled properly. With freeze dried food, the freeze drying process preserves the bacteria, which makes handling, storing and serving very easy.

Freeze Dried or Dehydrated: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between freeze dried and dehydrated food is the level of heat used to remove the moisture. The level of heat used when food is freeze dried, combined with a low pressure vacuum, allows the moisture to be removed from the pet food without any other changes to the food. This means the nutritional quality is never compromised through the moisture removal process. Both Dehydrated and Freeze Dried foods are less processed than traditional kibble.

Treat Me!

Freeze dried treats are a huge hit with cats and dogs alike. It’s very rare to find a pet who won’t eat a piece of freeze dried beef liver or chicken. Pets love the taste of these treats because the flavour and aroma is preserved during the freeze drying process. Pet parents love to give these treats because they are healthy. And although we mentioned adding water to freeze dried meals, with treats you serve them up as is.

Feline Friendly

Freeze Dried diets are excellent for cats, but cats can be difficult! As most cat owners know, cats can be finicky when it comes to their food so when transitioning to a freeze dried diet, do it slowly. Cats may love the taste, and you know it is healthy for them but the new texture can throw a cat off initially. Take note if your cat currently prefers a drier or more gravy like dinner. With freeze dried food because you are adding water, you can play around with how much water you add until it satisfies your cats palate.

How much to feed?

Traditionally we feed our pets based on their weight and then the weight of the food (ex. cups) but because freeze dried food weighs very little due to the moisture being removed, be sure to check the feeding chart on any freeze dried pet diet.

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