Ask the Oil Changes Expert – Jerry Lupul


“Out of sight, out of mind” is a saying as old as I can remember. Whatever the purpose of that saying was long ago still applies to today’s modern era.

For instance, take the inside of your engine. It is a very harsh environment: gas goes in, air goes in, there is a spark and “KABOOM” away we go! Over and over and over, on average 3000 times per minute (it matches your RPMs).

For things to go smoothly inside your engine (which is basically an air pump) I’m going to outline a few factors that have to be performing at optimum for your vehicle to function as the manufacturer designed it. For one thing, the inside of your engine has to reach a certain temperature as quickly as possible to operate at its most efficient. Idling will never let your engine reach that ideal temperature (we are talking winter here, right?) for however long you let it after starting it from inside your house.

Without reaching that temperature most of the by-products that are created within the engine will stay there and become harmful to its operation. Some of the more harmful by-products are water, acids, varnish, sludge (and soot in diesels). All of these gremlins are present year round, but the cold months really make them pronounced. Again, hammer this home, an engine heats up under load (when driving).

Just using water as my example for this article why don’t you pull out your dipstick. Can you see a milky white residue on it? Take off the oil cap, is it milky underneath? Are you adding oil to your engine more than usual? Is there water dripping out of your muffler or tail pipe? If you answered yes to any of these questions you are idling your vehicle too long or not driving it long enough to vaporize the condensation that is produced within your engine.

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