Ask the Residential & Office Cleaning Expert – Stef Doyle


Ask the Residential & Office Cleaning Expert – Stef Doyle

Nervous? Part 2 of 2

I’m worried they could break something.

Accidents CAN happen. We have insurance and are happy to replace or repair anything that may be damaged during cleaning.

I’m scared they’ll do a bad job and I will have to complain and I HATE complaining.

We back up our services with a 110% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy, we aren’t happy. You don’t have to prove it or make a case. Simply not being thrilled by your cleaning is all we need to hear and will gladly make things right.

I don’t want to clean before they come.

Don’t tidy before we come if you don’t want to or don’t have time. Yes, it will take a bit longer if we have to pick up toys or move a lot of stuff around to clean under, but we don’t mind.

I don’t want to worry about telling them what to do.

We have a cleaning routine and a Green Clean Squad checklist and will clean for everyone based on their extensive experience and ability to think critically and use their best judgment.

I want to tell them exactly what to do.

Also totally fine – you can communicate what you need to us during your free consultation, in your client profile, by leaving us a note, or you can print out our checklist and cross off items and add your own.

I don’t want them thinking I’m dirty or talking about my messy house.

Just because we are professional cleaners doesn’t mean we are morally superior. We care about you and know you are busy and that’s why you’ve hired us. Please relax and know we are not judging anyone and we are normal people too – far from perfect!