Ask the Parmaceutical Products Expert – Ajit Johal

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Ask the Parmaceutical Products Expert – Ajit Johal

L-Glutamine information

Are you currently following a gluten free diet…….

Did you know that intestinal healing can be an extremely slow process, and intestinal damage can linger for years, even after adopting a strict gluten-free diet?

Ask the pharmacist about “L-glutamine” a nutritional supplement that speeds up the healing of your intestinal wall cells

Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms?

–               Frequent indigestion and abdominal

–               Chronic Fatigue?

–               Frequent infections?

–               Acne or frequent skin rashes

–               Food Sensitivities

–               Achy joints

–               Ongoing “flu like” symptoms


You may be suffering from “Leaky Gut” syndrome…..  Ask one of our Pharmacists for more information about healing your gut with L-glutamine supplementation

What is L-glutamine?

L-Glutamine is an amino acid responsible for repair and healing in the body.

What are the benefits of taking L-Glutamine supplementation?

When included in the diet, L-glutamine aids in the repair and healing of cells that form the lining of your intestines. Healthy intestinal wall cells are able to form “tight junctions”, preventing bacteria and undigested food from seeping from the gut into your blood stream.  This is called “leaky gut” and it leads to many undesirable symptoms such as fatigue, aching joints, and skin conditions.  Healthy intestinal cells are also able to absorb nutrients more effectively, leading to less abdominal pain and indigestion due to the malabsorption of nutrients.

How much L-glutamine should I take?

New recommendations are suggesting increasingly higher doses of L-glutamine for increased health benefits.  The more stress being put on the body, the more L-glutamine is needed to heal it. This means that you should be supplementing with L-glutamine, as obtaining enough from dietary sources can be difficult.

Talk to one of our pharmacists to determine the right dose of L-glutamine for you, based on your medical history and the medications/supplements that you are currently taking.

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