Ask the Flooring Expert – Scott MacDougall

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Ask the Flooring Expert – Scott MacDougall

People often ask what should I choose first?  Carpet or paint or counters or cabinets.  While there endless choices of paint available, and more than enough carpet choices, trying to match everything can present challenges on its own.  We recommend you choose your cabinets and counters first, and if not replacing those, choose your flooring to match your cabinets that are existing or new.  Then choose your paint.

Your paint can always be changed once it is on the wall, your new floors cannot (well, they can but it would be a very costly mistake).  Greys are all the rage now, and fortunately the floor covering manufacturers have come out with some beautiful shades of grey with patterns, textures and styles that will appease almost anyone.  Carpet, laminates, vinyl and hardwood all have trendy grey styles that are sure to match with almost anything in your house.

Grey is a very versatile colour, it matches just about any and all furniture, paint, cabinets, area rugs and décor.   If you see pictures in magazines or on the internet on Pintrest and Houzz, save them to your smartphone or cut them out and bring them in.  It helps the staff narrow down your choices if you have something specific you are looking for.

At Nufloors in Coquitlam we have over 500 styles of carpet, laminate, hardwood and vinyl.  Let us help you choose something this holiday season.

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