Ask the Christian Living Expert – Pastor Philip Robe-From


Ask the Christian Living Expert – Pastor Philip Robe-From

A Ride in the Wheelbarrow

Charles Blondin was an accomplished tightrope walker.  One of his most famous stunts was crossing the Niagara Gorge on a 1100 foot tightrope.  He did this on June 30, 1859.  After he crossed, he did it again blindfolded, carrying a man on his back, and sitting down halfway while he cooked and ate an omelette.

He then announced he intended to push a wheelbarrow across the tightrope.  Before he proceeded, he asked if the audience believed he could do it.  Everyone agreed he could accomplish this task without any trouble.  He then asked for a volunteer to sit in the wheelbarrow.  Not one person volunteered.

They all believed he could do it; but, they did not trust him enough to get into the wheelbarrow.

How often do you proclaim that you believe in the possibilities and causes that you stand for; yet, sometimes fail to trust enough to commit and get in the wheelbarrow?  Believing in something must be accompanied by an action that requires an element of risk and the assurance of trust.

Telling people you believe in them is not as powerful as expressing trust in them.  When you trust someone to accomplish something you show your belief.  This means that there is more to it than declaring you believe in people, God, your spouse, your employees, or your children.  Invite them to greatness by demonstrating that you trust them.  Get in the wheelbarrow.

What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee. Pslam 56:3 • 780-532-0649.