Ask the Sewing Expert – Rolly Cowan

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Ask the Sewing Expert – Rolly Cowan

Sometimes I envy the person who wrote the song “It’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year”  They definitely weren’t shopping for that perfect gift for someone who has almost everything.  It can be stressful. If that special person in your life(daughter, spouse, lover, etc.) happens to love to sew, I may be able to give you some suggestions.  The first obvious one is a sewing machine.  When shopping for this, don’t overbuy (the recipient may feel obligated to sew) and don’t underbuy (if the machine you’re purchasing is extremely light and inexpensive, it may not have an internal frame; this will cause it to flex and break needles and skip stitches and, consequently, discourage sewing altogether) Purchase from someone who has the competence and ethics to match the machine and operator for a great sewing experience.

A serger or overlock machine is an excellent addition for the person who likes to make garments or crafts and already has a good sewing machine.

Most sewists don’t buy themselves a good iron.  When you’re sewing it is important not to have an automatic shut off on your iron because it is always turning off when you are sewing and pressing.  PLEASE BE ADVISED-Don’t purchase an iron for a gift unless you are sure that she wants one, or you might be sending the wrong message and you could be wearing it.

Good quality tools are a “must” for good results, so, take a look through her sewing supplies and you might find a pair of scissors that chew the fabric rather than cutting it.  You might also find a lack of measuring tools , storage bins, cutting mats, and cutting tools that can make her hobby more enjoyable.  We all know the overworked but true slogan, “Happy wife-Happy life”, so check out your reputable sewing store or fabric store for more ideas, or give us a call at 1-877-976-3279. They’ll be happy to give you more Christmas ideas to make “It Sew Easy”