Ask the Real Estate Expert – Ron Lagemaat, BSc. REALTOR®


Ask the Real Estate Expert – Ron Lagemaat, BSc. REALTOR®

Happy Holidays and Happy Selling?

Decorations, wreathes and ribbons, baked treats, visiting and being visited, and … marketing your home?  Maybe you feel, like most, one of these things just doesn’t belong here.  Well, perhaps, but this can be a good time to sell – if you are prepared.  Make your lists and check them twice!

Be organized using electronic calendars, making your trips and errands as efficient as possible.  This can help to contain the craziness.  If your budget allows, consider hiring outside help.  Important tasks are steam cleaning carpets and furniture, cleaning blinds, drapes and light fixtures, washing windows, polishing hardwood, touching up paint and making repairs such as filling, sanding and painting nicked baseboards.  A home that shows well has a better chance of selling quickly and for the optimum price.

Consider keeping your outdoor decorations subtler this year using a few lights on edges and entryways in a manner that highlights your home’s architecture and landscaping.  It’s certainly important to keep curb appeal in mind even during the winter.  Make sure driveways, walkways and stairs are kept clear of snow and ice.  Trimmed bushes and trees, and a yard clear of dead leaves and annuals make an impression.

The focus is on indoor living space.  Potential buyers will appreciate seeing a home that is filled with warmth and light.  During daytime showings, open the curtains and blinds to let in maximum light and, after dark, ensure adequate lighting using a combination of overhead, floor, and table lamps, and maybe some safely placed candles.  Scent is a finishing touch not to be ignored.  Natural scents of pine tree boughs and real baking are a definite winner.

With some preparation, you can enjoy all the best of the season and still be able to sell with success.

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