Ask the Lingerie & Custom Bra Fittings Expert – Angela Craig


Ask the Lingerie & Custom Bra Fittings Expert – Angela Craig

Gentleman! Give the Gift that keeps on Giving! Gift Certificates! Always the right fit!

We are in the gift buying season, and what woman  would not love a beautiful bra and panty set, luxurious lingerie or something just a little naughty for the holiday season. BUT!…….the guys walk into the store looking like a stag in headlights! We are here to help make shopping simple this year. If your wife, girlfriend or significant other has been to the store, it is simple. We pull their profile card and voila! We have all the information on hand to put together a gift that really does keep on giving. If our poor stag stands there with no clue on size or even if they have dug through the underwear drawer, or even brought in a bra (that was a resourceful guy) it does not mean your lady is wearing the right size bra to start with. So we highly suggest the GIFT CERTIFICATE route as woman are predictable and practical by nature. The gals will bring in the gift card and buy a bra then they will be on file………YES!!! Now your lady will have a profile on file and the poor stag in headlights will be head down and lets shop for her.


Adding a little something with the gift card is a great way to personalize the thought, from panties to great smelling laundry soap, to a laundry bag and many other thought provoking fun, hoisery, pastie……oh my mind does wonder. We also gift wrap for you for free and let the kids decorate with Christmas stickers or even deliver to your vehicle if the stag is a little shy about coming right into the store. We can email the gift certificate, or mail it out if you are not able to come into the store. Like we say, shopping made easy!


We are only a call or email away if you are out of town and need the gift sent. This applies to moms, sisters, or best friends. As well, we can accommodate long distance specialty shopping if the person has been a customer in the store. OR be a secret Santa and put money directly on their account. There are so many options to make shopping easy in our busy lifestyles. Have a safe and Bodacious Holiday Season from all the staff.