Ask the Granite Expert – Arlen Jalbert

granite expert

Ask the Granite Expert – Arlen Jalbert

Why Granite?

There are plenty of reasons granite has become the preferred countertop material for today`s top designers and discriminating homeowners. To help you understand the many benefits of granite, we`ve outlined our Top Ten reasons below:

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Granite

  1. It`s the only countertop solution that
    will increase the value of your home to
    prospective buyers.
  1. Due to light reflecting off its natural
    crystals, granite has a unique
    personality not seen in other materials.
  1. Granite is the second strongest stone
    in the world (next to diamonds).
  1. Granite is scratch-resistant.
  1. Granite is heat-resistant.
  1. If properly sealed, granite is
    stain-resistant (not all require sealer).
  1. There are hundreds of color choices,
    one for every personality.
  1. The polished finish of granite adds
    elegance to any room.
  1. Granite can be finished with a myriad
    of different edging options, one for
    every style.
  2. Granite can instantly transform a home
    into your own luxurious retreat.

If natural stone does not match your requirements. Engineered stone is also available.

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