Ask the Car Expert – Ralph Garnett

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Ask the Car Expert – Ralph Garnett

Are you ready for the inevitable snow to start falling in our yards and on the roadways? I’m not sure I’m ever ready but none the less I do have a check list of things that I need to do for my vehicles to ensure that they will not leave me stranded on the highway or trying to get to work on a Cold winter morning…

1)  Tires: ensure that if I am going to continue to use my all season tires, they are in good condition, rotated and pressure is adjusted. Preferably time to change over to winter tires. (We can do Tire Changes & Repairs in the lube shop with no appointment required)

2)  Washer fluid & wipers: flush out the summer fluid so it won’t freeze when needed.

3)  Catch up maintenance: review oil change & other maintenance recommended by the manufacturer.

4)  Battery: have it checked along with charging system.

A thorough inspection at this time of year will go a long way towards preventing problems that are more difficult and expensive to repair later.

I would also like to extend a big thank you from John, Adam, Joel & myself for all of those who stopped in to talk, visit & ask questions at the trade show. This is the first time we have participated in the Chamber Trade Show but the enthusiasm we saw from all of you has left us looking forward to the next show in the spring.

We still have some of the Show Special Pricing that we will be able to offer for a short time. Perhaps we can help with those Xmas gifts we’ll all be looking for soon.


We offer maintenance & full system Diagnostics & Repair on more than 30 makes of Domestic, Asian and European Vehicles. Both Gas and Diesel.  Factory Approved Maintenance & Programming.


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