Ask the Flooring Expert – Michael Richard

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Ask the Flooring Expert – Michael Richard

SmartCushion Berber

Features and benefits of

SmartCushion styles

  • The Mohawk name on every roll –
    assurance that you are buying the very
  • ViscoElastic Memory foam for
    luxurious comfort and durability –
    (All styles)
  • Antimicrobial additive to inhibit odor
    causing mold, mildew and fungus –
    (All styles)
  • SpillSafe moisture guard film to
    protect against spills and pet
    accidents – prevents them from
    seeping into cushion and reappearing
    later.  Makes clean up a “once and
    done process” – (All styles)
  • CRI Green Label for air quality
    assurance – (All styles)
  • Environmentally friendly and LEED
    certified – 90% recycled content –
    (All styles)
  • FHA Class II – heavy traffic rating –
    (All styles)
  • Maximum thermal and sound
    insulations of warmer, quieter rooms
    and energy savings – (All styles)
  • Recommended for Berber style
    carpets (SmartCushion 3/8’)
  • Life of Home Warranty – Transferable
    to new owner – (All styles)
  • Enhanced Carpet Warranties (Smart
    Cushion + Mohawk Carpet*)


–     Adds 10 years to current Abrasive
Wear Warranty

–     Extends Abrasive Wear Warranty to
include stairs

–     Makes all carpet warranties
transferable to a new owner


*All fibres except PermaStrand qualify for warranty upgrades.


SmartCushion goes pink for the cure.  Part of all SmartCushion sales now goes to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.