Ask the Oil Changes Expert – Jonathan Lupul


Ask the Oil Changes Expert – Jonathan Lupul  

When it comes to cars, I never like surprises. If you want to see an attitude completely change in a split second, just give me a car that breaks down, especially in the winter time.

One of the most common problems is that “No Start”. This is usually caused by several things, the most common being wrong oil. Using conventional oil typically will cause a vehicle to have starting problems on the coldest of winter mornings, the older the oil is increases the probability of issues arising. Even if your car starts with conventional oil the engine may run several minutes with no lubrication, sometimes referred to as a dry start, when weather is below freezing. Most of your engine wear and tear (internal damage) occurs during these few minutes of “no” lubrication.

An easy way to eliminate this problem is to switch to synthetic oil for at least the winter months which does not freeze as easily as conventional, or change completely to synthetic for good, so you have protection from crazy cold and horribly hot.

Every year more and more manufacturers are switching to synthetic oils right in the factory so switching may not be an option depending on the car you drive. Some manufacturers will give you a conventional oil option but if they recommend synthetic oil and install it in the factory why on earth would you put inferior oil in one of the biggest investments you will ever make?

If price is the major factor for skipping a synthetic oil change let’s add up some consequences of having an inferior oil in your car in a Saskatchewan winter:

Boosting your car    ≈ $40/boost

New battery             ≈ $200

New starter              ≈ $400

New alternator         ≈ $400

New car computer    ≈ $2000

A tow                        ≈ $100

And extra electricity to your bill from plugging in your car ≈ $30/month.

If you have any questions or want more information about the benefits of synthetic oil please go to and ask us. (306) 249-5823, (306) 956-3278.