Ask the Hearing Expert – John Letts BC-HIS


Ask the Hearing Expert – John Letts BC-HIS

The Dangers of Cotton Swabs

Ear wax actually promotes good ear health!?

The ear wax your body accumulates is there for a reason – such as keeping the ear canal lubricated as well as acting as a natural antibiotic. The removal of this natural lubricant can trap water in the ear and not allow it to slide out; more importantly, when you use cotton swabs to remove ear wax your body will just end up creating MORE wax because it is supposed to be there. Once that wax is removed your skin is exposed to the elements, debris, harmful infection-causing bacteria and the itch cycle. The more you scratch away at the delicate skin inside your ear canal with a cotton swab it releases histamines making your ears feel itchy, which in turn makes you want to swab them more. Soon enough you are stuck in a vicious cycle of scratch and itch that is difficult to get out of and to top it all off, you aren’t even removing the wax, you are just pushing it farther in the ear canal. The next time you think of putting something in your ear, don’t.

But what if I want the wax out?

There are many things that you can do to remove the wax safely. Book an appointment in our office and we can have a look in your ears. We can also recommend the right products (which can be found in most homes) to help with the build up or even safely remove it for you.

My ears are just so itchy and I want that relief!

We have a product called Miracell which is an all natural oil that is safe to use anywhere. This can help to alleviate that itch and get you out of that itch and scratch cycle.

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