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Ask the Restoration Services Expert – Action Restoration

Recovering from a disaster takes time because there are many facets that need to be dealt with and dealt with properly. Many of the things you have to do will be new to you. It is natural to want to take matters into your own hands and start cleaning the damaged property yourself. Taking quick steps is important; however, if you have incurred water, fire, smoke, mould or any other ype of damage, you must understand that improper action can make the property restoration and rebuilding process more diffi cult, extensive and costly. This is why it is important to contact a certifi ed cleaning and restoration company such as Action  Restoration as soon as possible.

Insurance Related or Loss Claims

If you are insured, your insurance company and insurance adjuster will be the most important single component in recovering efficiently from your loss. Your contract with your insurance company promises to do certain things for you and in turn, you have certain obligations to them following a loss, such as:

  • Provide immediate notice of the loss to the insurance company and/or to the agent/broker.
  • Protect the property from further damage and ensure you understand what your insurance adjuster is allowing for coverage.

You also need to understand what your obligations are.

  • Make an inventory of damaged personal property, showing in detail and to the best of your ability; quantity, description, original purchase price, purchase date, damage estimate and replacement cost.
  • Cooperate with the insurance adjuster by exhibiting the damaged property.
  • Submit all paper work provided/required by the insurance company so that your completion can be done in a timely manner.