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Ask the Motivation Expert – Matt Maddix

My Son Wants a Steak

Last week my son Caleb and I were eating at a restaurant getting ready to order lunch. He boldly looked at me and told me that he wanted to order steak, when I asked him what he wanted to eat. He never hesitated until a mutual friend said, “Steak?” Caleb looked at me and said, “Is it ok dad?”

There are a few lessons that we can learn from this situation and I’d like to share them with you in this article:

  1. Order what you want!

Life is only going to give you what you clearly want and are willing to boldly ask for. Too many people continue to go in circles with their life because they don’t slow down long enough to get clear about what they wanted. If you want something, put it out there and do it with boldness. Life is too short to spend one day missing out on the things that you really want. I encourage you to cut yourself loose and start getting what you want out of life.

  1. Don’t apologize for what you want!

The tone of voice in our friend saying, “STEAK” rattled Caleb’s confidence a little, and that is why he looked at me with hesitation and asked if it was ok to get Steak. It was a major teaching moment for me to share a principle with my son. As a dad, I’m always quick to grab teachable moments when they appear. The lesson will be shared in point number three.

  1. You are WORTH what you want!

When Caleb asked me if it was ok, I looked at him with clear confidence and abundantly said, “ABSOLUTLEY!” Then said, “Caleb, you are always welcome to order what you want and are WORTH eating a steak if you want Steak. Don’t worry about the price when you are with your daddy!”

This is one of the reasons that people never get what they want. They want it, but don’t believe that they are worthy to have what they truly want.

  1. Pay for what you want!

Of course it was the most expensive thing on the menu, but that didn’t matter for many reasons. One of the reasons is that I have an “abundance” mentality, and believe that God wants us to enjoy life and actually blesses more when we are willing to go get it. However, there is always a price to pay when you want more. Don’t ever hesitate when it comes to the price you must pay when pursuing the life of your dreams. If you want a quality marriage, family, business and life, you are going to have to pay a higher price to get it. You will have to invest more time, energy and money to get it. Pay for it friends! You got this!

  1. Enjoy what you want!

For whatever reason, Caleb kept commenting that it was the best steak that he ever had in his life. I’m of the opinion that if we are going to get what we want and pay for what we want, then we should enjoy it without guilt or second thoughts. God wants you happy! It’s ok to enjoy the blessings of God! Enjoy your family, friends and all the blessings that God has given you. Go on a vacation and ENJOY it. Build your dream house and ENJOY it! Life is too short to feel guilty about happiness and God’s blessings!

Thank you for reading my friends. Go get a nice steak and don’t think twice about getting what you want out of life!