Ask the Dentistry Expert – Dr. Chabaylo

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Ask the Dentistry Expert – Dr. Chabaylo

Teeth lightening techniques are probably as old as the first toothbrush. Did you know that before recorded history, archeology has verified that chew sticks or tree twigs were used by our ancestors for oral hygiene? The world’s oldest known formula for toothpaste was created in 4AD by the Egyptians.

In our time, the most common lightening procedures involve the application of different peroxides to teeth, essentially allowing oxygen molecules to penetrate tooth enamel and inner layers, where the oxygen reacts with pigmented molecules. Kind of like Oxyclean for the teeth. This is a very safe procedure under the guidance of your dental team. We provide a baseline color reference by which you can gauge your progress. We provide guidance as far as technique, length of treatment and support for problems that may affect our patients. The most common issue is tooth sensitivity to temperature. This is temporary and only affects the length of treatment to achieve the desired whiteness.


So what is the best technique for you? Toothpastes have most definitely enhanced the lightness for a lot of patients. Effective store bought systems are a little more efficient but suffer from awkward application issues. If treatment time and effectiveness are a concern, professional techniques are very much quicker and most effective. They range from take home custom fitting trays and peroxide allowing you to lighten your teeth at home at your convenience, to in-office accelerated treatment. Ask your dental team how to proceed with your tooth lightening needs as it is the most cost effective way to amp up your smile.

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