Ask the Roofing Expert – Greg Wilson

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Ask the Roofing Expert – Greg Wilson

Now that spring has sprung things are in full swing here at The Roof Rider. There is no better time to book your roof, whether you want this spring summer or fall. We will be happy to serve you and earn your business. Honesty, integrity and quality work is our fundamental principles.

With the price of oil low and the economy  suffering I have notice huge influx of roofing contractors in the area. This influx is concerning to me for a couple of reasons.

It is common for new contractors to under bid on an initial estimate but then ask for more money to cover extra materials and labour.

Customers may not get a quality work, especially if the estimate is extremely different from others you got.

Are these contractors properly licensed and insured? Did you know that you could be liable for any injuries or damages while they are working on your home; If they don’t have proper insurance.

Will these companies be around to honour their warranty if or when there is a problem.

Do you know who is doing the work? Or does that company sub it to other trades.

So the lowest price is not always the best option. Do your research and ask questions.

Or just give us a call and save yourself any problems.