Ask the Footwear Expert – Len Romanski


Ask the Footwear Expert – Len Romanski

Would I benefit from arch supports? What do they do and who are they for?

Arch supports are used to treat or manage a wide range  of foot conditions. If you are experiencing pain in your feet, ankles, knees or hips, then an arch support may be the solution. Some issues that arch supports address are that they:

  • Reduce stress on the arch which aids in the healing of Plantar Fasciitis.
  • Redistributes your body’s weight across the entire foot, which takes pressure off of the heel and forefoot to help with heel spurs, metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuroma and general foot fatigue.
  • Increase foot stability and alignment to prevent pain caused by pronation (rolling in) and supination (rolling out).

Because arch supports are used for a wide variety of foot conditions, there are many different ones to choose from.

Due to this, when people try to fit themselves with a support, it can be confusing, frustrating and provide poor results.At Foster’s Shoes, our staff is there to help you get the proper support for your unique needs. We consider a wide range of factors when fitting you with a support including:

  • The height and length of your arch
  • Pressure points on the foot
  • The type of footwear most commonly worn
  • Amount of time spent on your feet and activities done
  • Walking gait
  • Over all health of the tissue and joints of the foot

We know that no two feet are alike and are able to adjust the supports we carry to offer a customized personal fit for each foot.

Don’t live with foot pain; come see our friendly and knowledgeable staff today!