Ask the Group Fitness Expert – Tammie Teneycke


Ask the Group Fitness Expert – Tammie Teneycke


Fitness is important in all aspects of life. It keeps you healthy, can make your quality of life better, decrease your chances of injuries at work, boost your self-esteem, increase your energy level, and with that all going on will make your mood and attitude better all around.

A healthy life style change should be in your control not in control of a gym. The gym should be there to supply equipment and provide help and services when you need them.

Too many gyms lock you into a contract, as do other businesses… If you have control of your membership you most likely will put the effort in to going and using the facility.  Really, do you know what you will be doing 2 years down the road?

Fitness Focus prides itself in providing exceptional service with a No Contract membership. Give us 30 days’ notice and you’re out of your gym membership with us. We don’t lock you in to keep your business, we work hard to keep you happy and on the right track to being fit.  Going to a gym should be a stress reliever and a self-driven commitment.

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