Ask the Group Fitness Expert – Tammie Teneycke


Ask the Group Fitness Expert – Tammie Teneycke

Different ways to train- Know your technique

If you’re like me you get bored of doing the same old thing in the gym. Not only do I find myself daydreaming but I’m defeating the purpose of training by doing the same old exercises over and over. It’s comfortable in your safe zone, but in order to make gains you can try different ways of training in the gym. Here are some safe and effective ways to mix up that habitual training.

Interval training – Group Fitness Classes like Metcon and Tabata would be a good idea, combining high and low intensity drills of cardiovascular exercises.

Supersets – One of my favorites. Set up two machines like a bicep and squat machine. Do your number of reps back to back on each machine like 15 curls/15 squats. Take a minute break and repeat; it really gets you sweating.

Pyramids – Usually done in sets of 4. I like 6/9/12/15 go from heaviest to lightest. Can also be done the other way around 15/12/9/6. (Drop sets) This fatigues the muscle, builds strength, and increases endurance.

Plyometric – Power or explosiveness is plyometric. Jumping, bounding moving. An athletic cardio based training. Good example would be jump squats or burpees.

Research your workouts and implement them into your gym training routine. Let the training begin.