Ask the Flooring Expert – Michael Richard

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Carpet – one of the most important questions when looking for carpet is ‘How long will this carpet last’. While there are many different styles, colors and fibers that can all affect how well your floor will perform – it’s the ability to resist the everyday wear and tear that separates a high quality carpet from the competition.

Frieze and twists all have a tendency to ‘lie down’ or flatten out after a period of time. Saxony’s are a bit more forgiving, but will still show traffic patterns as the floor ages. Loop or berber will take the most beating without batting an eye – looking as good as new for longer than other options. The only problem with Berbers is zippering – where when a loop is caught, it zippers across the floor and is very visible.

That’s where Kraus’s revolutionary Zipperlock technology comes in! Our Zipperlock technology allows our carpets to be tufted with an interlocking stitch to prevent unraveling – providing the long lasting beauty of your carpet.

Along with their ‘Stain Proof – No Exceptions’ warranty which Perfectly balances between dye technology and understanding a fiber’s construction, most spills can be easily removed through gentle blotting allowing your carpet to remain beautiful in spite of life’s little mishaps.

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