Ask the Flooring Expert – Michael Richard

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Looking for new hardwood flooring, but have pets, kids and looking for something that will hold up to heavy traffic and still look great? We have all been there and historically this has been a difficult proposition.

Worry no longer! Intemporel Hardwood Flooring is the answer. With many species, grades and colors – there is one that will help make your home beautiful.

Intemporel – the only true impregnating oil hardwood on the market is more durable than traditional wood. The strength of these floors comes from within the oils held within the fiber of the wood. It is always said that with a traditional polyurethane floor – it’s best day is the first day that you take it out of the box. Quite the opposite with Intemporel flooring.

It actually gets harder, more durable, more scratch resistant and more dent resistant as it ages! The act of washing, walking on the floor – and sunlight hitting the floor reactivates the oils held within the fiber causing the hardwood to actually add more and more protection to the floor!

Cleaning is a breeze as well, as it is simply a mixture of a special soap and lukewarm water – applied with a sponge mop.


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